Award-winning artist happy to be back home


Crystal Plamondon, is back in her hometown, and happier than ever.

“I love it here, I’ m home,” said Plamondon, who has spent her entire life travelling for her singing career.

Originally from the hamlet of Plamondon area, the singer and songwriter began performing at the age of ten.

She realized if she wanted to pursue a career in music, she had to leave her hometown.

“I could have never had a career,” said Plamondon if she stayed. Before coming back, the bilingual performer spent 25 years living in southern Alberta and Louisiana.

After producing and writing seven albums, the singer says she is thrilled to be back in Plamondon.

She is also excited to see the hamlet and the area has access to Wi-Fi now.

“I mean, I could have never moved back here if there was no Internet or satellite,” laughed Plamondon. “As you get older you want these things.”

The singer says her career is slowing down but still finds herself working on music.

Last September, Plamondon released her latest album, “Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak” which she is currently promoting.

When she isn’ t working on music, Plamondon says she spends most days outside.

“I’ m a big outdoors person,” she said. “I like my flowers, gardening, horseback riding and quadding.”

Being back home, Plamondon tries to give back to her community as much as she can.

“I try and buy everything locally and support local businesses,” she said.

The singer also finds herself volunteering around the community as well.

Plamondon helps direct the Plamondon Catholic Church choir once a month.

For now, the performer says she is enjoying being back in the Plamondon area.

“It’ s a lot quieter life and it’ s wonderful,” said Plamondon.

The artist has an upcoming show on Oct. 1 at the Festival Centre.

“People can dance and it will be a party atmosphere,” said Plamondon.

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