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Danyluk loses election, but wins quote duel

Apr 24, 2012 06:00 am

MLA-elect Shayne Saskiw:

Saskiw thanked volunteers and family for supporting the campaign in a speech following the results at the Centennial Senior Citizens Centre in St. Paul on Monday night around 11:20 p.m.
“We made a difference here today. They're going to be held to account over the next four years,” he said.
“Our team is just ecstatic. We had the best team in Alberta,” praised the new MLA for Lac La Biche – St. Paul – Two Hills, after a victory speech.
Saskiw thanked Progressive Conservative candidate Ray Danyluk and his wife Lorraine for their years of service, and for the hard work Danyluk has put in throughout the constituency.
Saskiw said the results showed Albertans want to give the Wildrose more time before trusting the party with a majority.
“As the MLA I will be standing up for all constituents regardless of who they voted for or who they supported. Right now it's time that we work together to do what's right for the community.”
Wildrose leader Danielle Smith won her constituency and will promote her vision throughout the province for the next four years as leader of the official opposition, he said.

Danyluk says he's sad, "but it's OK"

“I am the winner,” he said. “ I get my life back. My grandchildren will know who I am. On Sunday I took them for a side-by-side ride, and I was amazed how beautiful they are. There has been no one who stood beside me like my family, and now I have to help with the cattle and the seeding.

“At the end of the day, the people of Lac La Biche – St. Paul – Two Hills just voted in an opposition MLA, and that's fine, I'm OK."

“My world will change ... I am so proud of the group that worked here. We ran what I think was the cleanest campaign in the world, the best campaign in the world. I have people who care about education, communities and infrastructure, and I want to thank so many people who sacrificed their time and effort to help inform constituents. I have the best staff ever.”

“It will be tough for all of us in the constituency.”

"The last time we had a minister in this constituency was Ray Rierson, and he was a Socred,” prior to the PC takeover of the government in 1971.

“I don't know why I'm sad. It's a great day for Alberta. Be proud of the party you represent. This province and this government will still take care of this area/ At the end of the day, I want to ensure that the projects we started get completed, because the students in our schools.” and those who drive our roads, are so important.”


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